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ZensSpecial - Special Needs Program

* 4-hour session daily (Mon - Fri)
* Morning session 8am - 12pm
* Max 6 students with 3 ZensCoaches per session


ZensPlay – Playgroup Session

*3-hour session
*2 sessions / 3 sessions weekly (Mon - Fri)
*Morning session: 8am – 11pm
*Evening session: 2pm – 5pm
*2-5 students with 2 ZensCoaches in each group

ZensPlay@Weekend – Playgroup on Saturdays

*3-hour session
*Every Saturday: 9am – 12pm
*2-5 students with 2 ZensCoaches in each group


ZensAfterSchool - Transit Program for Special Needs Children

*Afternoon/Afterschool program
*1pm - 6pm daily (Mon - Fri)
*Daycare and therapy session
*Max 5 students with 2 ZensCoaches per group

ZenExclusive – Individual Therapy Session

*Individual Program for Spesific students
*2-hour session on Saturdays only

ZensScreen - Individual/Group Assessment

*Assessment session for students
*Pre-requisite for ZensExclusive and ZensCare

ZensCare - Community Service

* 2-hour session
* Parents actively involved in the therapy session
* Observed by therapist

ZensSharing - Talk/Training Sharing Session

*Sharing session between parents and therapist/teachers
*Training session by external speakers
*Training session by our advisor