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Mahfuzah Zainol

Mahfuzah graduated from Cardiff University, Wales, United Kingdom in BSc(Hons) Occupational Therapy. She received her Masters Education in Special Education from The National University, Malaysia. She has interest in children with special needs and currently works as an occupational therapist with the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. She has active involvement in numerous workshops and talks on handling children with special needs to the teachers and parents. She also contributes to develop various instruments and curriculum adaptations in Special Education in Malaysia. She has published books, interactive CD and kit on occupational therapy areas for children with special needs.

(Occupational Therapist)
Farah Adibah

Diploma of Occupational Therapy, UiTM.

(Programme Coordinator)
Ili Syairah Mohd Salleh

Ili Syairah, a passionate therapist, holds a bachelor degree on Occupational Therapy from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Specialising in pediatric occupational therapy, she has vast experience in handling children with learning disability using different therapy techniques and approaches.

Ainor Azwani Azanan

Diploma in Education (Preschool Studies), Universiti Selangor.